Apr 24

I’ve bought some pretty nice cars over the years including a brand new Audi A6 and a Range Rover Vogue. I also purchased a Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant Datora, which is an expensive (and heavy!) watch.

I now ride a bike and wear a Casio watch. 

What changed?

Thankfully my pay has gone up a bit over the years (and we were fortunate to sell our Events Company last year), so cash-flow isn’t the problem.

I just realized there wasn’t any real joy in owning expensive things. I think the reason I bought them is because deep down, I thought it showed I was somehow special. How ridiculous is that? I almost didn’t write this post because it’s too embarrassing but I figure it might keep one or two of you from wasting your money on material crap that won’t make you happy. 

If you want people to like you, just smile, remember people’s names, show interest in their lives and be pro-actively helpful. Put other people’s happiness before your own. That’s all there is to it.

Real friends will make you happy, because genuine friendships are special. 

I can say with confidence, I am no more happy or sad then I was when I owned nice cars and watches. I feel stupid for buying them and I feel sad for people who are still buying the lies that luxury companies are selling.

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