Apr 10


We just announced that Treehouse has raised $7m in funding, led by Kaplan with S+C participating.

I think this is a great place to take a stand and say you don’t need to be in Silicon Valley (or a “startup hub”) in order to raise money for your startup or be successful. 

Paul Graham and I had a disagreement about this when he did a talk titled The Future of Web Startups at our conference in 2007. Afterwards, he summarized his thoughts on our interaction in his post Why to Move to a Startup Hub. That post is 5.5 years old now so I’m not sure what his current thoughts are. Paul and I are frienemies because we respect each other, but have different opinions on a few key issues. This post isn’t meant to be disparaging to him.

I hope that the following facts will be one counterpoint to the “You’ve got to move to a Startup Hub” message. Treehouse has …

  1. Raised over $12,000,000 in capital from some of the World’s best investors (Chamath Palihapitiya, Kevin Rose, Reid Hoffman, David Sze, Greylock, Mark Suster and Kaplan)
  2. Acquired 25,000+ active and paying Treehouse Students
  3. Grown to a $5m yearly revenue run rate and growing fast (18% top line growth last month alone)
  4. Hired 55+ employees distributed across Orlando, Portland and the rest of the USA (and one in the UK)
  5. Established a 4-day work week
  6. Received coverage from national news media

One of our core values at Treehouse is “We do it our way” and this fits nicely in with that.

Startup Founders: Don’t be afraid to do it your own way.

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