Apr 04

I tweeted this last night and it drew a lot of replies, both interested and mocking …

Our entire infrastructure at Treehouse is built on Google Apps: Contacts, Calendar, Hangouts, Mail and Docs. The poor support for Google is driving me mad and I’m sick of it. 

Daniel Lewis, one of our designers, showed me his Nexus 4 and and I was instantly convinced. It was a pure-Android experience, without all the carrier crap added on top.

I currently have an iPhone 4s and the power button is jammed, so I’m ditching it and making the switch. I’m also excited about moving over to a Chromebook or the Chrome Pixel (and yes, I’ve heard the terrible reviews).

I live my whole life on the web. Besides Skitch, I use zero native desktop apps. I need an operating system on both my phone and my desktop that’s designed for that.

I’m hearing from a lot of people, who really value design, that they’re making the switch. It feels very much like the underground movement of the web design/dev community to OSX back in 2001-2002. I have a feeling that we’re starting to see the slow decline of Apple. Only time will tell.

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  1. lewiswalsh said: This is an exciting move. Seeking out and embracing the technology that suits your work is the way it should be, not brand loyalty. Looking forward to hearing how you get on…
  2. iammorton said: It’s amazing how fanboys react when you don’t like a product that they love. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Nintendo friends despised Sega. And vice-versa. Apple or Android, I say go with what makes you happy.
  3. whisperoftheshot said: I have a nexus 4 and I can say that it is the best phone I have had. I don’t know about the pixel.
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    That’s interesting — I’ve been wondering why Apple is so popular with web designers/developers.In fact, I just got back...
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