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I’ve written about doing it alone but I’m also learning the importance of surrounding yourself with people who’ve already achieved your goals and push you really hard.

That’s why I joined Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) this year. To join you have to be the CEO or own a controlling share of the company, and be doing $1m+ in yearly revenue.

They have a complete list of the benefits on their site but the primary reason I’m joining is for something called Forum. A Forum is a smaller group (8-12 people) within your local EO chapter that meets once a month.

Forum members take part in growth-oriented meetings, employing special protocols to support a trusting environment in which they can safely explore business and personal issues. The idea is that everything you share at the meeting is completely confidential (you can’t even tell your Partner about it) so you can reveal your biggest and scariest challenges. The ones you can’t talk to your Team/Partner/Kids/etc about because you’re supposed to have the answers. 

Before you can join a Forum you have to go through Forum Training, which is a full day immersion course in how to listen and give feedback to others. EO Forums use the Gestalt Protocol which basically means you can only speak from experience, instead of giving advice. I’ve actually been using this in other areas of my life and it works really well.

Speaking from experience removes the pressure for the listener to take your advice and it also has real factual value, as you’re sharing real-life stories and what did or didn’t work for you. The listener can listen to your experience and then translate it into action however they see fit.

I’m really excited about EO. I can tell I’ve been thrashing around as an entrepreneur for the last seven years and it’s time to get freaking serious about growing, learning and kicking ass. Bring it on!

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