Jan 18

Since we moved to Portland we’ve made a conscious decision to not wait to live.

What I mean by this is proactively planning experiences and not letting the busyness of life dominate.

All of you with kids will especially be able to relate to this. It feels like you have zero personal time and any romance you once had with your Partner has been squeezed out by the tyranny of the urgent.

Gill and I have been spontaneously grabbing opportunities to hang out and it’s amazing because it feels like we’re dating again.

We grabbed last minute tickets to see Lady Gaga and then on Wed we just drove to Timberline (1.5 hrs away) and snowboarded for 3 hours. It’s been freaking awesome.

I know these things are harder to do if you don’t control your work schedule or cash is tight. However I believe it’s a frame of mind - I’m not going to wait to live until “everything is under control” or I’ve hit my personal goals.

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