Nov 20

I was watching The Buried Life and it made me think about what I want to accomplish before I die.

I’m at a friend’s beach house with Gill and the kids are asleep right now so I have some quiet time to think. Here’s my initial stab …

  1. Pay off my mortgage
  2. Save enough money to live off the interest (I’m a big MMM fan)
  3. Grow Treehouse to $100m in yearly revenue
  4. Remove the need for people to go to university in order to get jobs in the Web Tech industry - Successfully place 12,000+ people per year without university degrees into good jobs ($50k+ salary)
  5. Create a show like Extreme Makeover Home Edition but with the goal of helping charities overhaul their tech so they can save more lives
  6. Weigh 190lbs with 12% body fat (I’m 6’4” and currently weigh 173lbs with 12.3% body fat)
  7. Live in our house for 25+ years
  8. Play Yann Tiersen’s piano soundtrack to Amelie, with ease
  9. Stay married and in love with Gill till the day I die
  10. Travel to Russia, China, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Brazil and South Asia
  11. Take a trip on The Orient Express
  12. Produce a film that makes it into large theaters
  13. Start a school/incubator for entrepreneurs

That’s probably a pretty good list to be cracking on with so I’ll stop there :)

Please share some of your goals below in the comments, thanks!

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