Aug 08

I don’t know what caused it but I recently realized that I spend way too much time ‘connecting’ with people that I will never meet, instead of people that I truly love. 

These are the people that will matter most to me when I’m about to die: 

  1. Gill (my Wife) and her family
  2. My two boys
  3. My parents
  4. My three Sisters and their families
  5. My close life-long friends and their families
  6. My Team at Treehouse

I often walk around the house, iPhone in hand, constantly connected and drawn back into email, Twitter and Facebook. 95% of it is just digital noise.

I’m torn because I love interacting with my followers on Twitter - you all are amazing. The trouble is that I should never let that be more important than the people I love.

What I should be doing is focusing on being present wherever I am physically, instead of distracted.

Also, I want to pick up the phone more often and just talk to people. Status updates aren’t actually connecting with people.

I’ll be damned if my boys grow up and all they see is me staring at my phone all the time.

Any thoughts or reactions to this?

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