Jun 25

If you’re a CEO, Founder or Business Owner, you might enjoy these blogs. I read them religiously.

  • A VC - The blog of Fred Wilson, one of the Partners at Union Square. A legend in tech venture capital.
  • Hacker News top 50 - Only stories that have 50+ points on HN
  • Ben’s Blog - The blog of Ben Horowitz, one of the Partners at Andreesen Horowitz. Another very smart venture capitalist
  • Both Sides of the Table - The blog of Mark Suster. A brilliant entrepreneur and Partner at GRP
  • Mr Money Mustache - “Early retirement through Badassity” - Packed with interesting personal finance ideas
  • Paul Graham’s Essays - Long-form posts from the creator of Y Combinator, one of the first modern tech incubators
  • 4-Hour Work Week - The blog of Tim Ferriss, the famous life hacker
  • Only Once - The blog of Matt Blumberg, CEO and Founder of Return Path
  • Smashing Magazine - Interesting insights and ideas for web pros
  • Seth’s Blog - The ever-insightful blog of Seth Godin, marketing extraordinaire
  • My Tiny Plot - My wonderful wife’s blog about vegetable gardening

Please share your faves in the comments below.

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    Good list. I’d add.. Unicorn Free...Amy Hoy’s no B.S. articles
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